Features and Benefits

Having original, authentic artwork installed in your school allows students to experience art in a very different, experiential manner.  They can see the style and manner of the brushstrokes, the depth of the paint, gain a deeper sense of the colors and color palette, and experience a reaction to the piece that you can’t always get through a photo or print reproduction. Additionally, the students get to learn about the rich arts heritage and culture of the Bucks County and the Delaware River Valley.

With each school’s participation, the following features and benefits are available:

  • Choice of one of 11 distinct collections to be installed in an approved location at the school.
  • Digital access to an interdisciplinary standards-based curriculum that guides instruction in multiple subject areas using the artwork in the collection.
  • Participation in a faculty in-service and outreach lesson to launch each school’s Art on the Move experience.
  • Access to exclusive Art on the Move online information and resources.
  • Participation in a community celebration where families, students, teachers, and administrators gather to appreciate the students’ response Art on the Move work.
  • Opportunity to showcase student response work on the Art on the Move website.