About Us

Art on the Move is a program designed to integrate real master works of art into schools so that they may be used as the source from which a variety of interdisciplinary curricula can be implemented.  Having original master artwork physically in the school allows students to better examine and be touched by the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic aspects of the pieces. 

An Overview of the Art on the Move Program

The works of art include pieces from the Pennsylvania Impressionist Movement to those of comtemporary artists. Each collection is accompanied by a PreK-12 interdisciplinary curriculum, designed to bring a shared experience to staff and students.

A select group of master paintings (there are 11 collections of 6 pieces each) are shared with the participating schools for a designated time period of usually 8-12 weeks.  For each group of selected artwork, curricula directly related to those pieces has been created by skilled teams of both art and academic educators for specific grade levels and subject matter such as English language arts, math, science, social studies and visual arts among others – making this artwork for far more than art education; this program can be utilized school-wide.

Along with the professional installation of the artwork, participating schools receive their chosen curricula along with educational support/training related to the subject matter and pieces of art, as well as a host of other features and benefits of the program.