Kerber, Gwendolyn - Painter Print

Gwendolyn Kerber

Gwendolyn Kerber, photo courtesy of the artist

BORN: August 31, 1953, Cleveland, Ohio

“If art reflects a world view, and I think it does whether we plan it to or not, then this is a reflection of mine. The process of making these many color adjustments until things that did not work together, do work together, is an exercise in observing with an open mind. And an assumption that we are interdependent with each other.”


Gwendolyn Kerber was born Cleveland, Ohio. Moving to Bucks County in 1991, she accepted a teaching position at the Bucks County Community College in their Department of Arts. Teaching classes based on 2-D design, color theory, drawing, and painting, she worked in a full-time and adjunct faculty capacity at the college. She is married to fellow Bucks County artist, Robert Dodge and her son, Andrew K. Erdos, is a sculptor/glass artist.


Kerber holds a masters degree in painting from Yale University. Her work is generally in oil on canvas, moving between representational work often done outside on site and abstract paintings done in the studio. She considers them all to be landscapes, saying she is after "the ever moving and experiential nature of being in the landscape.” Many of her paintings are based on studies done on site in her yard or in Tyler Park in Bucks County.


Since 2005 Kerber and her husband have been living and working in Berlin, Germany much of each year. They describe Berlin as "a vibrant international art community with artists coming there from all over the world; like New York, but greener, smaller and more affordable." Kerber says living there has challenged her to look at and try to understand all different kinds of art. She maintains a studio in Berlin.


Kerber has exhibited in Bucks County, New York, and Germany. She had a painting accepted to the 2008 Beijing International Art Biennale at the China National Art Gallery. While in Beijing, she also participated in the Dagaocun Art District Artist-in Residence Programme.