Art on the Move

The Arts Education Trust is pleased to promote the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 Art Collection available to all the students of Bucks County through the Art on the Move Program (AOTM).

The AOTM program brings original pieces of art created by Bucks County artists to the students in a meaningful way. Through the program each school receives a collection of six original pieces of art for 8 – 10 weeks in the fall or spring. With each collection is curriculum that allows the artwork to be used as a springboard for learning and to create work related to the collection. The AOTM Curriculum is available to each grade level and consists of lesson ideas connected to the standards for Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Language Art, Cultural Connections, and Technology.

Each school will also receive the services of an AOTM staff member who will come to teach one lesson per school and will in-service the school staff on how the program can be used for interdisciplinary connections. Each school will also have access to the AOTM website. The AOTM staff will help to publicize, through district and community newspapers, each school's involvement in the AOTM program. The staff will photograph culminating community events to promote on the AOTM website and will have an end-of-the-year art exhibit where each school can promote select student pieces created through participating in the AOTM program at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in late spring.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Art on the Move program is unavailable for the Fall of 2020. Check here for regular updates on the availability of collections and progress on a new website for Art on the Move! We look forward to serving your students soon!